How we roll

We take the time to make sure you get what you are looking for.

We do this through several appointments:

  • We have a Design Consultation at least a week before your session at your home to make sure we understand your reason for contacting us. We love to hear the stories that each of our clients have. Sometimes it’s to get a portrait to use on the company website at work or social networking sites, and sometimes it’s to capture your family at this point in time. Whatever the case is, we love hearing your story. You have already reviewed our website and Facebook page, so we know our style matches what you are interested in. During the Design Consultation we find out what you are looking to do with the images. Are you looking for something for your wall, or a fine art book, or a card to send to friends and family? All of this sets the stage for how we set up your session.
  • We bring the studio (backdrops, lights, etc) to your home for the session. There is no reason to rush around and make sure you have all the things you need before you leave and then dread that something got left behind at the studio. It’s all at your house. You have full access to your hair and makeup supplies and your full wardrobe and kid’s toys. We bring our lights and backdrops based on what was discussed during your Design Consultation and set up the studio in your home.  If you prefer outdoor images, we will bring professional lighting gear with us to the location we agree upon.
  • We have an In-Home Viewing and Ordering appointment for anyone who would like to see your images. When your images are ready we will come to your home once again. You are invited to have anyone and everyone come who would like to see the images we captured during your session. Once the slideshow is over, we’ll narrow down the choices and pick out your favorites and then figure out which ones will be used for those products we discussed during your Design Consultation. If you want to handle all the ordering, or if Grandma wants to come and order all her own items, it’s up to you.
  • Our final appointment with you is when we deliver your products. If you’re like most of our clients, (and us!) your life is already full and busy and you don’t need one more step to complete this project. Your products come ready to hang on your wall, show off, or give away. No additional trips to get framing done, or order anything online.
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