Who are we?

Voldrich Photography is a full-service photography company consisting of the husband and wife team Jeremy and Sue Voldrich. Jeremy has had a love for photography since high school and chose a camera over going to the prom. In 2015 he completed the process to become a National Certified Professional Photographer and in 2020 he completed the process to become a Master Photographer with Professional Photographers of America. He makes sure we capture you in the best light, using the best lenses and lighting to achieve the image we’re looking for, and then edits the images to give them the final polished look. Sue is a business-minded person and detail-oriented. She makes sure all the contracts, orders, and payments are accurate, and then during the session, makes sure your hair is in place, and other fine details are noticed. Together they make a great team.

What makes us different?

  • Jeremy has studied under Master Photographers to learn his craft and has earned both his own Master Photographer degree as well as the National Certified Professional Photographer (Nat’l CPP) designation. Hiring a photographer who has designations means he knows how to achieve results consistently. Jeremy has also entered images into the International Photographic Competition for Professional Photographers of America to earn merits toward his degree as well as to enrich his skill.
  • We create custom portraits of you and your family. Because we take the time to get to know you, your family, and what you are looking for, each session is specific to you and this point in your life. No two clients are alike, and we don’t treat you like that. Click here to see how we do that.
  • We get our own portraits taken. Yes, we book a session with our favorite photographer and get on the other side of the camera. So many photographers either do not get their picture taken at all, or use the self-timer mode and do not get a feel for what it takes to let the photographer have the full creative experience or to know how the client feels. This helps remind us what it’s like to have to hold a pose, look into the sun, and listen for the best way to say to “look over here” so that we are constantly improving your experience.
  • We take the time to generate a “polished” final product. We touch up minor blemishes and make minor edits to the images. You will never see an unfinished image from us.
  • You get a completed product ready to hang, view, or show off. If your purpose in contacting us is to replace that big family portrait over the fireplace, then you’ll get a family portrait on canvas or framed that is ready to hang. There is no extra running around trying to find a framing company or waiting to have it completed. Albums, desktop pieces, postcards they all come ready to be used.

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